A Basic Introduction to Expressive Language Disorder

Language processing disorders come in different forms and for the purposes of this course we will be discussing expressive language disorder. In a further course we will be discussing receptive language disorder as these are the two main language difficulties experienced by children in our classrooms.  Expressive language disorder is seen when children struggle to express their needs, wants and thoughts clearly. Their writing may also be affected as they mature and begin to attend school.   During this course Cherryl will explore the nature of expressive language disorder and she will also discuss what the causes might be. Cherryl will discuss how to spot a child with expressive language disorder and she will give some examples of how a child might be affected.    Cherryl has also devised a further course ‘Ten Strategies for Working with Children with Expressive Language Disorder’. This course will help classroom practitioners to support children with expressive language disorder in the classroom.  
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