This is a recording of a past webinar.

Keeping children safe in education (2021) has been significantly updated this year, with much more of a focus on peer on peer abuse in all its forms. This statutory guidance covers a huge range of education settings and has to be general enough to apply to all children in education from the early years into further education, but specific enough to ensure that educators are clear about their responsibilities. It can be a challenge to apply guidance that is intended to cover all children and young people to children with PMLD and to know how to approach this in policy, practice and training. In this webinar we will explore this and consider:

  • What KCSIE (2021) says about peer on peer abuse and why
  • What our responsibilities are to children with SEND, as outlined in the statutory safeguarding guidance
  • What peer on peer abuse may look like for a young person with PMLD and some of the ways this abuse may manifest
  • Signs and symptoms that a child with PMLD is being abused by a peer
  • What to include in staff training
  • How to engage the parents of children with PMLD so they understand the risks and challenges
  • How to directly support young people in the classroom; how can we ensure that we are meeting statutory requirements and teaching children with PMLD about this issue?

Training is aimed at Headteachers, DSLs, senior leaders and safeguarding teams working with children with PMLD

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Course Includes

  • 2 Modules
  • Course Certificate