• 11 Modules

    Teach Exciting Physics Practicals

    Discover 10 exciting and engaging experiments to safely incorporate into your KS3 and KS4 physics lessons.
  • 12 Modules

    Give Powerful Conference Presentations

    Presenting your ideas as part of a conference or training day is a really exciting opportunity to make a difference to others.  It can be nerve wracking though and we can get caught up in knots about the things that might go wrong, worrying what to say and how to say it and working out how to prioritise what to include and what to leave out. This course gives you clear guidance and advice about how to get your next big presentation right so that you can prepare and present with confidence and enable colleagues to really benefit from your wealth of experience and ideas. The course has been developed by Dr Pooky Knightsmith who is an established keynote speaker who has delivered presentations across the UK, internationally and to a wide range of different audiences.  This course is inspired by a course Pooky developed for the Bromley Wellbeing Service who were keen to build the skills and confidence of their newly established mental health in schools support team.
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    Simple Self-Soothe Strategies

    This course walks you through a range of practical strategies that can be used by adults or children in order to create a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  Each strategy stands alone, though there is huge benefit to learning a range of strategies for use in different situations. It is best to learn self-soothe strategies at a time of relative peace and calm and to become familiar with them so that they can be turned to at times of stress in order to bring some relief.  The ideas are all simple and safe and can be practised alone or with the support of a trusted friend or adult.  Many of the ideas could be used in a group or class setting in order to help children to reset and ready themselves for learning following busy, noisy or unstructured periods in the day such as breaktimes and lunchtimes. This course has been developed by Dr Pooky Knightsmith, an internationally recognised mental health expert and author.
  • 7 Modules

    Promote Positive Body Image

    Four practical strategies for promoting positive body image are explored in this course which aims to help school staff boost the self-esteem and body image of the children in their care.  The ideas translate to both primary and secondary school and are applicable to children or all genders. The course has been developed by Dr Pooky Knightsmith, former chair of the expert reference group on body image which reported into UK government and lead author of Department for Education funded guidance for PSHE teachers about promoting positive body image in learners.
  • 7 Modules

    Talk to Distressed Students in Your Tutor Group

    This course will boost your confidence in having difficult conversations with the children and young people in your care.  We consider how to talk about tricky topics, the power of saying thank and why and how you should listen to understand.  Whilst the course is aimed at form tutors, the ideas herein will be applicable for anyone keen to have supportive conversations with young people. This course has been developed by Dr Pooky Knightsmith, an internationally recognised mental health expert and author and is based on a course originally delivered as part of a cluster INSET day for a group of schools in the South East of England.
  • 6 Modules

    Communicate Calmly with a Distressed Child

    Communicating calmly is easier said that done when we are faced with a child is anxious, angry or aggressive.  This course walks you through some simple strategies to enable you to keep your cool and to outwardly be the supportive, calm adult that a child in distress needs even if you’re inwardly panicking or screaming!