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    DSL Monthly Update – September 2023 | KCSIE Update

    This is a recording of a past webinar. In this month’s Designated Safeguarding Lead update webinar, we will provide guidance and support around some of the latest trends and issues to enable your school to grow in confidence when dealing with safeguarding.
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    An Introduction to Safeguarding: Primary Schools 

    Who It’s Suitable For Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and we all have a part to play in keeping children safe. This essential course will equip…
  • 7 Modules

    An Introduction to Safeguarding: Secondary Schools 

    Who It’s Suitable For Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and we all have a part to play in keeping children safe. This essential course will equip…
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    An Introduction to Cyber Security

    In this course, we will consider what Cyber Security is, why it is important within the school environment, the kinds of risks that you may encounter from different locations and how to do your best to protect both yourself and the school. 

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    An Introduction to Data Protection

    How do we best keep personal data secure? This course, designed for every member of school and college staff in the UK, helps you understand your responsibilities under the UK's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how you can use the GDPR framework to make the best decisions about when and how to record, store, use and delete personal data.

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    An Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Schools

    This is a recording of a past webinar. This is an introductory course on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for school leaders. Here you will…
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    Creating an Inclusive Reading Classroom

    Training for all levels of professionals, including those new to education and parents and carers. Aims to develop knowledge and confidenceabout how we learn to read and how we can use this knowledge to remove barriers to learning for all. Looking how to engage and motivate all learners to read including those with specific learning needs such as Dyslexia and those with more complex SEND.Strategies, ideas, and ways in are provided to get all learners reading now, usingbest practice research andclassroom experience. 
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    Supporting Learners with SEND to Attend School Regularly

    This is a recording of a past webinar. Taking a whole child approach is fundamental for those with a SEND. This webinar will enable us…
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    A Basic Introduction to Self Regulation Difficulties

    Self regulation problems are seen when children experience meltdowns or behaviour tantrums at an age that exceeds the toddler stage of development. As everyone knows it is normal for toddlers to struggle to contain their emotions but this is a skill they master as they mature. During this course Cherryl will explore the nature of these self regulation problems and she will also discuss what the causes might be. Cherryl will discuss how to spot a child who is struggling with self regulation and she will give some examples of self regulation You may also be interested Cherryl's follow up course: Self Regulation Difficulties: Ten Top Tips and Strategies.
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    Supporting Children with Friendship Issues

    During this practical short course, Pooky will walk you through a range of simple ideas to help you to support your child with their friendships.  None of these ideas require any existing knowledge or experience and they are all designed to feel easily doable.  You don’t have to do them all; pick one or two and see how you get on. This course is written with parents and carers of children up to the age of about 11 primarily in mind, but the ideas here could easily be adapted for use by people working with young people or you could use them to deliver workshops or discussion sessions to parents or carers. This is one of a series of webinars commissioned by Resilient Rutland who are funded by the National Lottery.
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    How to Manage Conflict and Keep Cool in a Crisis

    This is a playback of a past live webinar.  It can be hard to remain cool in the face of challenge or a crisis so in this session you’ll be walked through a range of techniques to help you to do just that.  You’ll consider how to diffuse and respond to anger and how to remain (or at least appear to remain) calm when a child is deeply distressed and in need of a supportive adult.
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    An Introduction to Managing Behaviour

    This pathway is split into three sections.  

    1. Routines, rewards and sanctions: Matt offers practical, sensible advice on how to manage student behaviour in the classroom. He shares seven easy-to-implement strategies and emphasises the importance of establishing good routines to limit the amount of time spent off-task.
    2. Motivation and engagement: Matt talks about the importance of motivation and engagement as a means of preventing poor behaviour. 
    3. Principles and presence: Matt shares ten top tips for managing behaviour, shares three principles to guide your behaviour management approaches, and articulates the importance of developing a presence in the classroom to exude authority and control. 

    As well as being useful for individual CPD for teachers, this course could form the basis of whole-school training or one to one coaching. The ideas could be adapted and used across phases and is suitable for a wide range of staff including newer staff and support staff.

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    Establish Relationships Quickly with Students You Don’t Know

    Supply teaching, NQTs, trainees, cover supervisors, Covid19 lockdown rotas and ‘oh, Sue’s away – can you just cover her year 9s period 4?’…throughout our teaching careers there are many times that we will be required to cover classes and teach lessons that we may have had little or no time to prepare for. This course gives you an overview and practical solutions to establishing relationships with pupils when you might only have 47 mins with 34 of them.