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    Transitional Objects as Sources of Comfort

    Kate Holden explores how transitional objects can bring comfort to children at times of stress or uncertainty. 

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    Topic Teaching for Students with PMLD

    People with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) access the world around them in variety of different ways, it is our responsibility to present information and experiences in a way that will enable them to explore their own values, independence and become active participators in society. We can support this through offering experiences that are presented in a meaningful way for the individual and using a range of strategies, techniques and creativity. There is not just one fix but many facets and multiple elements that help enhance this drive to explore, understand and participate. Through this course, Sonya will offer practical advice tips and ideas on planning and delivering engaging, fun and exciting theme or topic-based activities to people with PMLD.
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    Enabling Your Child to be an Independent User of ICT

    This course is designed to teach you some of the basics about how to make your child more independent in accessing their learning online and how we can enable them to make effective use of their technology for homework tasks. We will also consider some of the ways of staying safe online
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    How to Support Your Child When They’re Learning Online

    There have been a lot of changes to the way that schooling has been received by young people and there may be more in the future. This course is designed to give you some practical hints and tips around managing these changes and enabling your child to get the most out of their learning wherever they are. So, if you want to know what you can do to support your child in these unpredictable times, join me to learn more. This course has been designed for parents/carers with a child in primary school or lower secondary school and requires no previous training or knowledge.
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    Understanding the Teenage Brain

    The teenage years must be an exciting time to be a brain! Everything is changing, new connections are being made and the way that information is processed also evolves. This course will take you through the essential information you need to know in order to be a supportive adult to a teenager.    
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    Behaviour & Wellbeing Post Lockdown

    This pathway brings together a range of ideas and voices to support you to support the return to school. We don't imagine you'll do all the modules, but we hope that bringing them together in one place will allow you to take a pick and mix approach according to the priorities and challenges within your specific context.
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    De-escalation: What is it and how do I do it?

    In this course you'll explore practical and effective de-escalation techniques that you can use to help the young people you support. This course is aimed at teaching assistants or anyone working with young people in an educational setting and there are some ideas here that could be adapted for use by parents and carers too.
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    How to Support Children with Their Writing

    During this short course you'll learn how to support children with their writing including those who are reluctant or appear to be struggling.  As well as providing you with practical ideas you can use to support any child you are caring for or working with, we hope that Jess' calm and reassuring approach will boost your skills and confidence.
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    Imposter Syndrome: 5 tips for overcoming it

    No matter how many years you spend in the profession, the first day back after a long break can feel terrifying. In this short course, I’ve shared some simple practical ideas to help you feel more confident about returning to school and to help you manage if things don’t go quite to plan.
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    How to be Kinder to Yourself

    We all have an internal monologue, that voice in your head. In this course we get you to think about what that voice is like – is it harsh and critical or kind and encouraging? We all live in a world with increasing pressures and this course will help you to take a step back and reflect on how to be kinder to yourself – what sort of friend are you to yourself?

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    Anxiety – 5 Simple Coping Strategies

    This mini-course has been developed by Pooky to share with you 5 very simple strategies that can be used by adults or children to help them to manage day to day feelings of anxiety.  These strategies will not change the underlying issues, but they can help us to get through each day without feeling completely overwhelmed.
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    How to Make a Success of Distance Learning

    In the spring of 2020, Matt led a course on remote learning in which he explored the emerging evidence of what works in online delivery. In this follow-up course, he delves deeper into the research and also shares lots of practical tips - based on his own experience of teaching online during the Covid-19 pandemic – for making a success of your online teaching.
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    Support Children with Their Reading

    This course is designed to teach you some of the basics on how to support reading with some strategies which have been tried and tested. It will get you started on thinking about what you can do to support reading.
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    Support Your Worried Child

    During these uncertain times we all face, perhaps you have found yourself in the challenging position as a parent or carer with a child who is now attending school remotely or on a distanced learning basis. This can be a worrying time for children and young people as well as adults. Children are missing their friends and the goal posts are constantly changing about school and how they are expected to learn. In this course, I will give you some strategies to support you in communicating about mental health and feelings. This course has been designed for parents/carers with a child in primary school and requires no previous training or knowledge.
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    Why are so Many Autistic Girls Missed in School?

    In this course we explore why it can be hard to pick up on autism in girls.  We then consider some of the warning signs we can be looking out for and the practical steps we can take to support a girl if we believe she may be autistic.

    This on-demand course was inspired by a learn live session run by Pooky which over a thousand people registered to attend.

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    Support Students Who Self-Harm: 8 Ideas That Work

    In this course Pooky will walk you through eight practical ideas and approaches to enable you to better support students who are currently self-harming.  This will aid your understanding and your confidence. The course is suitable for anyone working with or supporting a young person who is self-harming in any way.  These videos could also make a useful focus for team INSET.
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    Effectively Work with Other Adults in School

    This is a great course for all teaching assistants, especially those new to the role or new to a school, and helpful for supporting and training colleagues. Here we look at the expectations around how teaching assistants engage with other adults, within the school community and those visiting. We take a look at how we need to be mindful of what knowledge can be shared and when, and how to engage effectively with other, being mindful of the sensitivity of some situations and conversations. 

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    Reducing Exclusions Through a Trauma Informed Approach

    A trauma informed response is one where we create an environment where children who’ve experienced trauma or adversity feel safe, can emotionally regulate and are more able to engage with life and learning.  This approach can reduce exclusions and increase engagement with learning both within and beyond the classrooms as children are supported to move beyond a fear response into a calmer state where learning becomes a possibility and anger and anxiety responses become better regulated.