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    Step Up to HLTA – Pathway

    This course supports the development of skills, understanding and knowledge needed to step up from teaching assistant (TA) to higher level teaching assistant (HLTA).  These modules are suitable for independent learning or for work alongside a mentor, buddy or as part of a team. 

    The course is split into three parts:

    • Planning and expectations
    • Monitoring and assessment
    • Teaching and learning
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    How to be a Great Teaching Assistant – Pathway

    This is a great course for all teaching assistants, especially those new to the role or new to a school, and helpful for supporting and training colleagues.  It addresses the professional standards for teaching assistants and provides you with the skills, knowledge and understanding you'll need to maximise your impact in your role, and enable you to enjoy it too!

    The course covers:

    • Personal and professional conduct
    • Knowledge and understanding
    • Teaching and learning
    • Working with others 

    This course is suitable for solo study or for delivery by a team leader to a group.  At the end of each section, a module sharing extra advice and guidance is provided for team leaders wishing to cascade this training to their teams.

  • 25 Modules

    Effective Safeguarding – Pathway

    Designed for all staff and volunteers working directly with children in education settings, this series of courses provides an introduction to safeguarding and child protection helping adults spot and respond as appropriate.  These courses are suitable either for solo study or as the basis for team based training or discussion. 

    This course is split into four sections which cover:

    • Your role in child protection
    • The four types of abuse
    • Domestic abuse
    • Online risks to children

    We would always recommend that you speak to your setting's safeguarding lead if you have any questions or concerns as a result of the content of these courses.  

  • 35 Modules

    Steps to Success for Those New to Teaching – Pathway

    Newly and recently qualified teachers finding their feet with their first classes will find this course invaluable.  It explores a wide range of topics and issues to help those newer to the role of teacher to overcome common challenges and really flourish in the role.  This course will build skills and confidence and providing a wealth of ideas to try right away in the classroom and is suitable either to be worked through individually, with a mentor or as part of a peer support group. During the course you'll cover:

    • Passing the induction year
    • Classroom management
    • Time & people management
    • Putting pedagogical theory into practice
    • Providing pastoral and SEND support
    • Mental health: yours' and your students'
  • 30 Modules

    Special Needs Awareness – Pathway

    This course provides an overview and introduction to a range of special needs that you are likely to encounter when working with children and young people.  You will gain an understanding of what each condition is, how we can spot it and what we can do next.  If you'd like to cascade or share your learning, you can use the powerpoint presentations at the end of each section as a basis for discussion with your team about how you can best support the children in your setting. During this course you'll learn about:

    • Dyslexia
    • Dyspraxia
    • Attachment Disorder
    • Speech, Communication & Language Needs
    • Autism
    • ADHD



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    Add Some Spark to Your INSET Day This September: How Our Courses Can Help

    This session will take place on 5th of July at 4 pm UK time
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    Creative Education Online Training: What, Why, How?

    This site tour will take place on May 13th at 5pm UK time.

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    Curriculum Development – Pathway

    This pathway provides an introduction to, and an overview of, the curriculum design process and provide a great introduction for middle or senior leaders at all phases.  

    This pathway consists of three parts:

    • Intent, implementation and impact
    • Planning and teaching an ambitious curriculum
    • Assessing curriculum effectiveness

    As well as being useful for individual CPD for school leaders, this course could form the basis of SLT discussions or whole-school training.  On completion of the course, you'll be emailed a certificate for 3CPD hours.