• 8 Modules

    Having Fun the Sensory Way: Five Ideas to have Fun with Bubbles

    I would like to share with you some practical ideas for encouraging meaningful engagement with people with PMLD. These activities will enhance communication, interaction, curiosity, initiation and good mental wellbeing through having fun with our senses! Through the joint exploration of simple, everyday objects, it is possible to create a sense of awe and wonder, anticipation, excitement and reflection. This course would be suitable for anyone who spends time with people with PMLD and who is looking for some simple yet fun activities to initiate and enhance communication.
  • 1 Module

    How to be your School’s Autistic Champion

    This is a recording of a past webinar, Autism specialist Jodie Smitten will talk about how the steps that you can take to lead on…
  • 1 Module

    Using Stories to Support Anxiety – Ideas for working with children aged 3 to 11

    This is a recording of a past webinar, Beck Ferrari will talk about how you can use stories to support children struggling with anxiety.  She’ll…
  • 8 Modules

    Medical Conditions Training: Asthma

    In this course we consider Asthma – how common is it and what exactly is Asthma? We consider the common triggers and symptoms that you may see and consider what to do when you have a pupil who is having an Asthma attack. Finally, we think about what ‘good’ practice looks like in schools.
  • 9 Modules

    Spelling in the Primary School

    This course contains an overview of the essential knowledge spellers need to be taught to become confident and competent, independent writers.
  • 1 Module

    Taking a Whole School Trauma Informed Approach

    This is a recording of a past webinar, where we’ll explore what trauma informed practice is, why it matters and how we can implement it across our whole school. Drawing on what has worked well in the many schools they've worked with Nerys and Carolina will provide starting points for sustainable change and signpost next steps for those looking to take things further. We’ll be learning from Nerys Hughes founder of Whole Child Therapy and Carolina Critchley a Child Therapist with Whole Child Therapy, who’ll be providing practical ideas for primary school heads and deputies.
  • 1 Module

    How to Make a Success of Forest School

    This is a recording of a past webinar, primary head, Amy Harvey and Tina Rawling will talk about how they are developed and implemented Forest School for their learners. They’ll share what worked, what didn’t and give some ideas you could try in your setting.
  • 1 Module

    The One Page School Improvement Plan

    We'll learn from head teacher Dan File about how he took his school improvement plan from forty pages to one and how that one page now drives decision and action every day bought into by the entire school community. Led by primary school head Dan File, who’ll be providing practical ideas for both new and experienced primary school heads and deputies.
  • 8 Modules

    Fabricated or Induced Illness: Spot & Respond

    This is an introductory course for all staff and volunteers working directly with children in schools. This course will explain what fabricated or induced illness is and some of the ways that it might manifest. We will think about the triggers for this type of abuse and some of the ways that professionals working with children might be able to identify if a child is suffering fabricated or induced illness. We will learn about the responsibilities of school and college staff in relation to this issue and think about what you should do if you think a child is suffering, or is at risk of suffering, this type of abuse.
  • 1 Module

    Supporting Children Starting School this September

    This is a recording of a past webinar where Child & family Pastoral manager Alison Quinn, and Headteacher Jo Atherton will talk about their plans for supporting a successful start to school for children starting this September. They’ll share the steps they’ve taken to support children with special or additional needs as well as considering practical ideas for supporting a successful start for all children and families in this very strange year!
  • 1 Module

    Simple Steps to Reducing Anxieties as COVID Restrictions are Lifted

    This is a recording of a past webinar, we’ll explore the anxieties and uncertainties that students, staff and families may feel as COVID restrictions are eased and the steps that school leaders can take to minimise the impact and ensure that everyone feels safe and able to engage positively with school or college. We’ll be learning from Jessica Parker, who’ll be providing practical ideas for secondary school and college leaders.
  • 1 Module

    Safeguarding Update May ’21 – Staff wellbeing | Everyone’s invited | Fabricated illness

    The May 2021 update covered:
    • Latest updates to government guidance
    • Education staff wellbeing charter
    • Everyone’s invited and the Ofsted review of sexual abuse in schools
    • Perplexing presentations and fabricated and induced illness
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  • 1 Module

    Leading on Behaviour in the Current Context

    This is a recording of a past webinar, we’ll explore how we can best understand and meet the behaviour needs of children in the current context with an aim of creating create calm, consistent classrooms and playgrounds that enable children to connect with both learning and play We’ll be learning from the Executive Head Teacher Meic Griffiths, who’ll be providing practical ideas for secondary school heads and deputies.
  • 1 Module

    Simple Ideas for Supporting School Transitions in Autumn 2021

    This is a recording of a past webinar, Assistant Head and stakeholder engagement lead Heidi Halliday will talk about the transition programme she’s developed to support the transition of children joining her large secondary school in September 2021. Whilst brilliant and impactful, many of the ideas are simple and eminently copiable!
  • 10 Modules

    Parental Awareness of Self-Harm

    Self-harm is really not discussed enough within our society and it effects more young people than we might think. It can be anything from nail biting to hair pulling right through to some more serious actions. Within this session, we will take a look at some of the triggers, some of the signs to look for and have an open conversation about ways to support young people to break the cycle of self-harm. 
  • 8 Modules

    Introducing a School Dog

    The course is suitable for anyone thinking of introducing a school dog to their team. The course will cover basic information about suitable school dogs. It will also answer commonly asked questions and help and encourage you to do your research to locate the correct dog for your school.
  • 7 Modules

    Understanding Private Fostering

    This is an introductory course for all staff and volunteers working directly with children in schools. This course will explain what private fostering is and will consider the legislative and statutory framework around private fostering. We will consider why some children may be privately fostered and the issues that private fostering can link to and then learn what Local Authorities and those working directly with children need to do to keep privately fostered children safe.
  • 2 Modules

    Leading Your Staff Towards a Better Life-Work Balance

    This is a recording of a past webinar where we’ll explore simple steps that school leaders can take to move towards a healthier life-work balance…
  • 9 Modules

    Supporting Your Child When They’re Starting a New School

    During this practical short course, Pooky will walk you through a range of simple ideas to help you to support your child when they’re preparing to start a new school .  None of these ideas require any existing knowledge or experience and they are all designed to feel easily doable.  You don’t have to do them all; pick one or two and see how you get on.   This is one of a series of webinars commissioned by Resilient Rutland who are funded by the National Lottery.
  • 1 Module

    Boosting the Literacy of Looked After Children

    This is a recording of a past webinar, Caring2Learn Project Manager Krysta Parsons will lead a discussion on simple ideas that can have big impact…