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Welcome to this course which I hope will provide you with lots of practical ideas and build on your existing skills and knowledge.

I hope you find the course helpful and I look forward to hearing how you get on with putting these ideas into practice! There are often opportunities to work with me in Learn Live sessions – see current courses on offer here. You might also enjoy the ‘Pooky Ponders Podcast’ – where I pick the brains of people whose work inspires me and that I feel we can all learn from.

If you’ve got questions to ask, or ideas, resources or experiences to share, head over Facebook where you can add to existing discussions, or start your own.

Good luck!

Pooky – @PookyH

P.S. Yes you WILL get a certificate at the end! Once you’ve completed all the modules, your certificate will be emailed to you. You can also access all your certificates any time from the course section on your profile menu.