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Collaborative INSETs: training that pays you back

Put simply, collaborative INSETs enable you to open your in-house training to colleagues from local schools; improving partnerships and earning your school, as the host, money back on future in-house training.

But why would we want delegates from other schools attending our training?

For the delegates in the room, having the chance to discuss ideas, current practice and experience with those outside their environment can be invaluable. The trainer can provide fresh ideas and strategies to implement but there's also real value in discussing your job role or subject with someone who's in the same position.

What do you mean by 'training that pays you back'?

Booking an in-house event at normal price and allowing additional external delegates to attend could result in your next hosted training event being free. Providing you have the capacity, there is no limit to the number of additional delegates that can attend. You'll get:
  • £100 for every external delegate you recruit
  • £40 for every delegate we provide

How it could work in practice

Let's say that you call us looking to book an in-house training event for 10 people covering Leadership Skills for New and Aspiring Middle Leaders. Great - we'll deliver that for you for £1,195.

So you only have 10 people to train, but you have the capacity to accept 5 more delegates; would you be willing to accept them from other schools? If you are then a Collaborative INSET could be perfect for you.

We'll ask you to actively promote your training to acquire more delegates, and we'll do the same. If you're able to recruit all 5 additional delegates you'll get £500 off the cost of your next training event.

If you'd like to discuss hosting a collaborative INSET, please call 020 8253 8241.

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