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G&T Co-ordinator

Why not stretch and challenge yourself by attending our course aimed at gifted and talented co-ordinators? The course addresses the issues you face most commonly and will support you in developing and implementing a gifted and talented programme that maximises the potential of even your most able learners.

We also have a wide range of courses which may be suitable for your colleagues looking for support in developing their most able learners on a subject by subject basis. All of our courses are led by highly experienced practitioners and the small group setting that we insist on ensures that the day is tailored to your specific needs, none of your questions go unanswered, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share ideas and experiences with colleagues facing similar challenges.


G&T Co-ordinator Courses

Stretching More Able Pupils in Every Subject

Highly effective strategies to improve the achievement and progress of more able students in high ability and mixed ability groups
Delivery Method: Open Training Course Inhouse Training Course In-house E-Learning Online
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