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Whether you’re working in a special school or in a mainstream setting, Creative Education has a wide range of courses to support you in developing your knowledge, skills and expertise. Our experienced course leaders bring with them a wealth of experience and a huge number of highly practical ideas, meaning that you’ll return to school inspired and empowered to use what you’ve learnt.

If you’re new to the role of SENCO, our essential skills course will prove invaluable, whilst more experienced SENCOs will benefit more from our course aimed at developing your role. All SENCOs will find our provision management course a useful support in enabling you to maximise your SEN provision through use of data, self-evaluation techniques and provision mapping.

In addition to these courses, we also have a range of courses suitable for colleagues working with SEN students in a range of settings you’ll find useful including courses to help you understand specific types of SEN, courses to develop student communication skills and courses aimed at helping you to stretch and challenge learners with a variety of special needs.

SENCO Courses

Mental Health: Supporting Vulnerable Students including LAC and SEND

Develop and implement effective support tailored to the specific needs or these most vulnerable students to help them to enjoy and achieve
Delivery Method: Open Training Course Inhouse Training Course In-house E-Learning

Mental Health: A One Day Introduction to Enhance Understanding, Skills and Confidence

Enhance knowledge, attitudes, skills, understanding and confidence of staff and provide practical strategies that could be used right away
Delivery Method: Open Training Course Inhouse Training Course In-house E-Learning

Coloured Overlays: Supporting Reading Difficulty, Attainment and Confidence

Using coloured overlays to increase reading comfort, confidence and attainment
Delivery Method: Open Training Course Open Course Inhouse Training Course In-house E-Learning
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