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Free for a Week: Support Young People to Break the Cycle of Self-Harm

Self-harm is a topic that many people feel puzzled or scared by so this course aims to demystify it for you and help you to gain an understanding of the motivations behind self-harm and how we can use this understanding to support a young person to a place of relative safety.  

This course has been developed by Dr Pooky Knightsmith, an internationally recognised mental health expert and author of “Can I tell you about Self-harm – a guide for parents friends and professionals” and “Self-harm and eating disorders in schools” which was based on her PhD research into the topic.

You can access this course now with your Free Access account until 5pm on 24th May. 

Anyone can sign up for Free Access so if your friends and colleagues would like to access the course – why not let them know?

New Free Courses to Support You During Covid-19

As well as our Free for a Week course we’ve also made a number of courses completely free for an extended period to support you during this difficult time.

As we’ve added quite a few courses to these over the few weeks we wanted to refresh you on what’s available on the website for you and your colleagues.

Support a Safe & Successful Return to School using the SWAN framework

These videos and the accompanying guided discussion template aim to enable you to use the SWAN framework as a springboard for thinking about the return to school for children and adults

Be the Adult a Child Needs During Lockdown

At a time when everything feels uncertain, children of all ages are looking to the adults in their lives for guidance and reassurance. There are simple steps we can take to support the children in our care and protect their wellbeing. These ideas are evergreen and are a good focus to support children at any time, but right now they’re more important than ever.

Make a Success of Remote Teaching

In this course, Matt Bromley shares three starting principles for effective remote learning and walks you through his top five tips for effective remote teaching. This course is a practical exploration of the features of virtual pedagogy and will help you ensure that the work you set pupils to complete at home is both manageable and meaningful.

Stay Mentally Well During COVID19

This course explores some simple strategies for promoting your wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic. These are challenging times for all of us, so this course walks you through simple, easy to implement, strategies to give you a boost and protect your wellbeing.  All of the ideas are suitable for use by adults or children and many work best when embraced collectively as a class or family. 

Use Simple Self-Soothe Strategies

This course walks you through a range of practical strategies that can be used by adults or children in order to create a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  Each strategy stands alone, though there is huge benefit to learning a range of strategies for use in different situations.

New Courses Live This Week

We’ve got some fantastic new courses for you this week, exclusively for our Members. You can access all of these courses with a Personal Membership.

Turn Around the Behaviour of a Tricky Class

This course leads you through key strategies and actionable approaches that help you step back, re-evaluate, re-establish routines, relationships and a focus on learning – all whilst looking after yourself. The strategies have actionable points that help you actually implement them with your classes. This course is suitable as independent CPD for early career teachers, or as a guide for mentors and managers to use to support staff.

Lesson Observation Practice Videos

This week we’ve published four brand new courses with video footage of lessons that you can use to practice your lesson observation.

Develop an Outstanding Curriculum: Intent, Implementation & Impact

In this course, Matt Bromley outlines the Ofsted context and defines, in detail, what is meant by the terms ‘intent’, ‘implementation’ and ‘impact’.

As well as being useful for individual CPD for school leaders, this course could form the basis of SLT discussions or whole-school training.


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