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Developing the Post Pandemic Curriculum

As learners return from lockdown, schools and colleges are looking forward and wondering what the new normal might look like from September. How does the post-pandemic curriculum need to change in order to fully meet the new and changing needs of learners?

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Returning to work after an absence

You may be about to return to teaching after maternity leave or it could be after a period of absence due to illness; whatever the reason you are bound to be filled with a myriad of questions and anxieties about going back to work.

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Mind Full, or Mindful?

In this blog post from Nora Helena McKenna, we go back to basics and explain the whats, hows and whys of mindfulness; whether it can help in your classroom and quick tricks you can implement straight away.

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Top Tips for Dealing with Difficult Colleagues

Unfortunately, examples of conflict, difficult situations and difficult colleagues all have an air of inevitability about them in education. The pressure of the job, the incessant scrutiny on the profession and the culture of fear that, sadly, exists in many schools means that they can be a breeding ground for conflict. Therefore – especially if you responsible for leading or managing others – it is really important that professionals know how to manage conflict and how to deal with difficult situations and colleagues. Read our top tips for doing just that.

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