Stretching More Able Students in English

£249.00 plus VAT

26 January, 2021

This course is designed to support colleagues in teaching the most able students to ensure the top grades whilst aiming for the highest levels of engagement and enjoyment. There will be a real focus in this course on the new GCSE examinations and KS4. Delegates will receive many practical ideas which they will be able to apply immediately in their classrooms. This course is led by English practitioners with a proven track record of success with this group of learners.





  • Plan effective, differentiated English lessons that challenge your most able learners at KS3 and KS4
  • Devise extension activities that combine both breadth and depth
  • Support able learners through classroom talk and questioning
  • Set high expectations and monitor progress through effective assessment
  • Tackle the underachievement of more able students
  • Enrich learning outside the classroom with some engaging and practical ideas

Event Details

Start date: 26 January, 2021

End date: 26 January, 2021

Start time: 09:15 GMT

End time: 15:15 GMT