The Secrets to Success: Metacognition and Self-Regulation

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3 December, 2020

Metacognition and self-regulation are the most effective, best value for money and best-researched teaching and learning techniques currently available! The Educational Endowment Foundation finds that these techniques have ‘consistently high levels of impact, with pupils making an average of eight months’ additional progress’.





  • Evidence Base – what are metacognition and self-regulation and why should your school adopt them?
  • Plan Learning – strategies to enable students to identify the different ways they could approach learning overall and to select the most appropriate method for a particular activity
  • Monitor Learning – strategies to build student ability to identify learning challenges and obstacles
  • Evaluate Learning – strategies to encourage students to consider how they would improve their approach next time
  • Build learner confidence, resilience, self-esteem and character
  • Boost progress for disadvantaged, low achieving and older pupils

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Start date: 3 December, 2020

End date: 3 December, 2020

Start time: 09:15 GMT

End time: 15:15 GMT