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Praise & Preparation

Explore a teacher's successful system of praise and lesson plans

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Behaviour management guru John Bayley works with teachers to help them to improve their technique. This week, he interviews a teacher who has independently developed her own style of behaviour management. In 'Praise & Preparation', Bayley visits the classroom of Amy Alexander, a science teacher at Pimlico School in central London. Originally from Australia, Amy has adapted her own experiences of teaching in a small town to an inner city classroom with remarkable effect. Amy's system of praise impresses Bayley, as well as her use of the whiteboard in lesson structuring. Behaviour management specialists have always agreed that pupil conduct can be improved by using a clear lesson structure, a system of recognising good work and maximising pupil participation. In Amy Alexander, Bayley finds a teacher who has formulated her own method of these principles to suit her particular needs as well as those of her pupils.


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