Weydon Multi Academy Trust – Parent Webinars

Understanding the Teenage Brain

Ever wondered why some teens have a short fuse, defy adults, are glued to their phones like it’s another limb or risk take? We will explore the key aspects of neuroscience and how the teen brain works. Did you know the brain can prune itself and even change shape?

Tuesday 30th March

Understanding and responding to self-harm

Self-harm is really not discussed enough within our society and it effects more young people than we might think. It can be anything from nail-biting to hair pulling right through to some more serious actions. Within this session, we will take a look at some of the triggers, some of the signs to look for and have an open conversation about ways to support young people to break the cycle of self-harm.

Tuesday 27th April

Anxiety: Helping your child to help themselves

Anxiety is very much part of growing up and is something that we will all face at some point in our lives. However, when this starts to disrupt our daily lives, this is when we can use an arsenal of strategies and ways of diverting this energy into something positive. We will consider the best ways to support young people.

Tuesday 18th May

Spot and Support Eating Disorders

Having concerns about body image, weight and shape are common in young people particularly in an era of filters and social media where the “perfect body” is advertised. Within this session, we will consider the very nature of eating disorders, what to look out for and how to support young people to embrace healthy eating behaviours.

Thursday 10th June

Promoting Positive Sleep

Due to the incredible changes that are happening in your teen’s brain, sleep is the key to emotional health, physical development and much more. We will consider the secrets behind great sleep hygiene and how to be a super sleep role model to your teen!

Thursday 24th June

Helping you to address Emotional Based School Avoidance (EBSA)

Given the ever-evolving changes and unpredictability experienced from the pandemic, more and more young people are worried or anxious about school. During this webinar, we will consider the signs of when these worries will start to manifest as school avoidance and what you can do to support your child/teenager through this.

Tuesday 13th July