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Working for Us – FAQs

What to expect when you join our team.

  1. What’s involved in being a trainer? Children in classroom asking questions

    Please refer to the role description and person specification.

  2. What kind of experience do I need?

    Please refer to the role description and person specification. Our associates are drawn from well-regarded education consultants and practitioners with extensive leadership and subject experience from primary, secondary, special schools and FE colleges.

  3. Do I need to give up my job?

    Most people would find it very challenging to combine a full-time job with training, due to the ad hoc nature of the work. We would advise that only people who are currently, or are considering going, freelance or have a highly flexible job consider training.

    Consider how many days do you have available to work freelance; how much flexibility do you have to change existing arrangements; and, how much notice do you require?

  4. What does going freelance entail?

    The decision to go freelance is a big one for anybody, and depends in the main on your personal circumstances and whether you feel the risk is worth the potential reward. You are advised to seek professional guidance (for instance, from an accountant or an experienced freelancer) about making the move and the steps to take.

  5. How often can you give me work?

    Being a Creative Education Associate is a freelance occupation – you must be relatively free and flexible to work and travel as needed. Because the work is freelance and occasional, we advise you never to rely on Creative Education as your sole source of income. Indeed, we prefer our associates to have a wide range of experiences as this helps keep them at the cutting edge of education.

    For trainers, one key factor will be the range of courses you are able to deliver and the locations you can travel to within a day. A high proportion of applicants are usually able to teach a number of generic titles and topics, but we have the highest demand for subject specialists. Being an active member of a subject association is an advantage.

  6. Will I have to travel?

    Most likely, yes. Our training sessions are run in open venues (hotels/conference facilities) across the country and the number of locations you are able to travel to will influence the amount of work you are likely to be offered from us.

    Our current venues are in London, Southampton, Cardiff, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol, Cambridge and Nottingham. We also deliver in-school training across the country and sometimes overseas.

  7. What tools and materials will you provide me with on the training day?

    We undertake all the operational arrangements for your training day to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

    We will book and pay for your travel and, where necessary, your overnight accommodation. Expenses can also be claimed for car travel and subsistence.

    In advance of the course date you will download a set of supporting materials from our central database. A full set of printed materials for your participants are couriered to the course venue and will be waiting for you on arrival. Equipment such as flipcharts, projectors and any other supporting equipment will be provided.

    You will be able to review the course material in light of the participants’ needs and your approach.

  8. What will I need to provide?

    You will require a laptop that can be connected to commonly used projectors. This should be able to play a DVD or you arrange for the media file to be pre downloaded before the event. Additionally as a freelance trainer you will want to provide yourself with other training resources.

  9. I have a suggestion for a potential course that is not on your website – what do I do?

    We are always interested to hear new ideas for courses. Once you have been successfully interviewed and regularly train for us, you are free to suggest as many or as few courses as you wish. Course suggestion forms are available by emailing [email protected] These are then reviewed monthly.

  10. I’m a teacher from outside the UK: do you help people find placements in the UK?

    Not at present, but it is something that may become available in the future.

  11. How does the selection process work?

    Your application form and CV will be reviewed by the quality and training team. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to produce a course list before attending an interview where you will be invited to make a short presentation. Interviews are held in two locations across the UK on a regular basis in Croydon or Manchester. We are unable to pay any expenses incurred relating to the selection process as these are freelance occupations.

If you would like to work for us, view our current openings.

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