Why and how you should learn to accept compliments graciously

A challenge for you today… can you learn to receive compliments graciously? This is something that many people find very hard. In this video I explore why I think this is important and gives some ideas for making a start.


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here is a challenge for you can you practice the gracious receipt of compliments this is something i find many people i work with not to be great at we are often very good at giving compliments and we’ve learned a lot about giving really meaningful compliments that are spontaneous and sincere and specific but yet when we receive compliments then we often look to back them away or to kind of mitigate them in some way or we feel uncomfortable in receiving them and actually i think it’s really important that we try to hold ourselves to account when it comes to receiving compliments graciously because what we’d really like to be doing is role modelling that gracious receipt of compliments so that our children can learn to accept compliments graciously too it’s not going to make much difference us working really hard on giving great compliments to our children and young people and trying to build up their self-esteem and help them to value the parts and traits of their character that really make a difference if we also teach them that we shouldn’t receive compliments well um so yeah it’s a challenge to you just noticed at first how you respond when somebody compliments you it feels difficult and awkward when somebody says something nice to you and they praise you and they tell you that you’ve done a good job at something or that you look nice however big or small and relevant or irrelevant a compliment is our gut instinct our gut instinct for many of us is just push it away push it away and kind of invalidate it notice that and if it’s something that you do and it probably is then challenge yourself and just think about whether you can instead just say thank you and in doing so remember that not only are you role modeling the gracious receiving of compliments but also it’s a gift to the person who gave you the compliment because when we give a compliment we don’t want someone to kind of take that compliment and throw it away what we want is them to realize that we really meant it this is a gift that we gave them this compliment and their job is to receive that kindly and to walk a little taller and to feel a little bit more full of love or pride or kindness or whatever so challenge can you notice how you receive compliments and can you then perhaps try to receive them graciously a simple thank you will suffice good luck you

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