Work With Us to Support Schools and Colleges Across the UK

As a Trainer

If you’ve got great ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you about running a webinar or developing an on-demand training course for us.

Our webinars are live events designed to keep colleagues completely up to date. They usually take the form of a 30-40 minute presentation followed by a Q&A.

Our on-demand courses are pre-recorded courses of 20 to 60 minutes broken up into a series of modules of 2-8 minutes. These videos are recorded as ‘talking heads’ (you talking to camera) and are designed to feel like you’re having a supportive coaching conversation with a colleague.

If you’re interested in pitching an idea for either a webinar or an on-demand course, please complete this form and submit it to [email protected]. We’ll aim to get back to you within 4 weeks.

As a Coach

We are currently recruiting for additional coaches to work with us to deliver our mental health leads training.

As a Senior Mental Health Leads coach, you will be working closely across 6 sessions with a group of approximately 12 professionals who have been matched by phase but whose experience is likely to vary.

You will be responsible for supporting your participants to navigate their on-demand learning, facilitating discussions within the 6 sessions about their learning as well as helping them to stay on track with their project and audit. 

As a Team Member

We’re not currently recruiting for new team members, but we’re growing rapidly so keep our eyes peeled for new opportunities!