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Change is hard. It requires a whole-organisation approach, a change in knowledge and mindsets across disparate teams in order to deliver real, sustainable improvement. Our whole-organisation training packages do just that. Based on sound evidence of what works in staff development we provide focussed, whole-staff approaches to enable all your staff to tackle your most important challenges, together.

Tailored to Your Needs and Context

Every school and college is different and we will work with you to design a high-impact programme, using evidence-based approaches that fits the culture of your organisation and where you are on your improvement journey.

Outstanding, Inspiring Trainers

We're blessed with a range of knowledgeable and experienced trainers across a wide range of topics. All of them have relevant, recent experience in making change happen with teams across the country.

Blended Learning to Deliver Impact

The evidence suggests that sustained development programmes have the biggest impact. Even if you only have one training session available our huge online course library will provide opportunities for staff to embed learnings from the day and explore new avenues.

Everything Arranged for You

You don't need to worry about anything. We'll arrange the trainer, their travel and accommodation and any physical materials they need. The price includes everything.

Plus... all member schools get an exclusive 15% discount

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Our Approach to Whole Team Development


This is our research and readiness phase; we’re looking to understand the problem, consider the questions we should be asking and to gain an understanding of your context and culture.


We learn from the experience of expert or experience-led discussion or activities. This may be led by the course leader, by reference to the work of external experts or by colleagues as the course progresses.


We take what we have learnt, and we try it out in practice. We form clear ideas of our aims, hypotheses and what we hope to achieve and we are inquisitive and flexible in our application of new skills and ideas.


We consider the impact of our experiments. If we were successful we explore why and if we were not, we consider what the barriers were or what we might need to do differently next time.


We share what we have learnt either through our exploration or our experiments, with colleagues so that they can benefit from this learning too and so that these ideas and reflections can be used to further extend our understanding and application.

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