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How Mentally Healthy is Your School? – A Simple Audit

This tool is designed to give you a brief snapshot of how mentally healthy your school is and to help you prioritise areas for development. This audit tool and the ideas in this guide are taken from ‘The Mentally Health Schools Workbook’ which was written by Dr Pooky Knightsmith, one of Creative Education’s directors.

We hope you find the ideas here helpful and we wish you the best of luck with your journey towards becoming a more mentally healthy school.

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Effective CPD on a Shoestring

Learning doesn’t cease when we stop attending school or college and start working in one, it should be a life long endeavour. Download our free pack on ‘Effective CPD on a Shoestring’ aiming to help you rethink and restrategize your CPD.

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8 Ideas to Get Boys Reading

Whether you’re looking to boost boys’ reading for pleasure or your aims are more closely aligned with raising attainment, this resource provides you with a range of ideas to encourage boys to engage with reading more readily and more sustainably.

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8 Ideas to Enable Staff to Flourish at Work

When we look after our staff, everybody wins. Happy staff tend to be healthier, more productive and more innovative. In this resource we’ve shared eight ideas that you can use as a springboard for thinking about how to enable your staff to flourish. Some ideas will be easier to implement than others, but each has the potential to have an impact.

Pick two or three of these ideas that resonate with you to try and lean into them for the next few weeks. Some ideas are quick wins and you might see an impact right away, other ideas might be slower burners – don’t lose faith too soon.

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Hearing Their Voices

When we take steps to meaningfully
engage children and young people in the work we do each day, we are able to adapt our practice, curriculums, approaches and settings to best meet their needs. Whilst children can’t give us all of the answers, taking time to really tune into their voices lets us hear from the expert in our students: the students themselves.

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Anxiety & School Return – 10 Ideas

As we prepare for the return to school, there are many anxieties from students, staff and families about what happens next and how we can enable our whole school communities to thrive. I’ve shared ten ideas here to help you on your way. I hope these ideas are helpful. Thank you for all you are doing.

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