Headteacher Update Podcast: Supporting pupil wellbeing

It was a real pleasure to be interviewed for the first Headteacher Update podcast. You can listen above and there’s some info I pinched from them about the episode below:

The inaugural episode of the Headteacher Update Podcast looks at pupil wellbeing and mental health – and includes lots of practical ideas for how we can best support young people in our primary schools.

Our expert panel considers how to support pupils during the summer term and beyond in the context of Covid-19, including key challenges and potential solutions and strategies. 

We touch upon issues of staff wellbeing, managing the continuing Covid disruption in terms of pupils wellbeing, and supporting families. 

We also discuss wellbeing evaluations, how to teach mental health strategies including as part of PSHE, character curriculum approaches, attachment awareness, issues of SEN, attendance challenges, Ofsted inspection, mindfulness, and the power of physical exercise. 

The podcast is hosted by National Leader of Education and experienced former primary school headteacher Helen Frostick and our guests are mental health and wellbeing expert Dr Pooky Knightsmith, executive primary lead Julie Norman and primary school headteacher Sophie McGeoch.