6 Activities to Improve Students’ Self-Esteem

These simple activities are designed to help students of any age feel comfortable and happy with themselves as unique individuals.  They may be of particular interest to form tutors.

1. The Interview

Each student is paired with someone they do not already know well. Allowing five minutes per interview, the students interview each other. Then each student tells the class that they have learned about the other, introducing him to the class.

2. The Journal

Have your students keep a journal.  As a journal entry each student might write a poem, describe a dream, or share something he is pleased about or unhappy about. It is the student’s journal so you might choose only to read an entry only if the student says you may.

3. Designing Self-Collages

Using pictures, words, or symbols clipped from magazines that represent things they enjoy doing or own, places they’ve been, people they admire, or careers they desire, students create a collage. At the end of the session, post the collages around the room and have the other students guess which collage belongs to whom and state why they made that guess.

4. Accentuate the positive

Breaking the class into groups of four to six, have students focus on one member at a time. Then have all the students in the group tell all the positive things they can about that person. Encourage compliments that focus on behaviour rather than something that cannot be altered or developed like a physical characteristic. No put downs are allowed. Every comment must be positive. One student acts as the recorder. This list is then given to the person for his journal.

5. Create a “Me” Commercial

Each student writes a two- to three-minute television commercial. The topic is why someone should hire them. The commercial depicts the student’s special qualities. After they work on these, the students present their commercials in front of the class.

6. Shared Learning

At the end of each half term, after each student rereads his journal, each student shares one thing they have learned about themselves so far this year.

These ideas are taken from our course “Being an Effective Mentor – Getting the Best out of Your Students”

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