AUTISM | 3Cs for an autistic friendly environment

If you want to make your classroom, workplace, home or any other space more autistic friendly, my 3Cs are a simple starting point. I hope you find this helpful!

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another one of my quick ones to share something i’ve been saying loads lately that you may find helpful so this is about how to create an autistic friendly environment so i always find myself coming back to my three c’s and the three c’s are calm consistent and communication so if we’re looking at a classroom or a working environment any kind of environment for a autistic person child or adult in fact firstly is it calm is this an environment where there’s not too much noise either literal or metaphorical um not too much going on in terms of busy loud unpredictable noises um a little quiet hum is okay um are the people they’re calm are the walls and the environment quite calming soothing kind of environment so a calm environment um the next is uh consistent so autistic people everybody benefits from consistent predictable environments so routines clear sharing of rules knowing what our boundaries and our expectations are knowing what’s expected of us and things happening in a similar kind of way and then thirdly communication we often get this wrong we need to communicate in simple concrete ways in ways that our autistic children or adults can hear so this is about learning with the individual about what modes of communication work best for them and then communicating in that way consistently so for some of our learners this will be about using things that are visual for others it might be breaking things down into bullet points in written form others will work well with verbal communication but having consistency of communication and making sure our communication is clear and that it is provided in ways that the autistic learner or person can hear and understand so calm calm environment consistency predictability and communication these are the three c’s i look to and think about first when trying to create a more autistic friendly environment and remember when we create an environment that is autistic friendly so it’s suitable for people like me and other autistic people then we create an environment that is more user-friendly to absolutely everyone you will do no harm ever by doing these things however you will do great good not just for your autistic friends children people but for everybody everybody benefits from these things so think about it okay that’s all i have to say for now it’s now friday evening almost time to just stop take a moment and transition to the weekend take care everyone bye