Brand New Reporting Tools for Organisational Members

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard on a complete overhaul of the areas of the website where you can add your colleagues and track the courses they’ve completed. A huge thank you to all of the members who’ve given us your feedback and helped us build it – we’re really excited to be able to share it with you.

Create Teams and Add New Administrators

In many schools and colleges there are lots of people involved in staff training, whether that’s across the whole organisation or within individual teams. Now, you can create teams and give access to colleagues to key information in a way that makes sense to your and your organisation.

There are two roles you can grant colleagues: Administrator (full access to add colleagues and see reports) and Reporting (access to the course reporting tools only) and you can do this for your whole membership, or for individual teams that you create.

So for example, you may have a lead for CPD across the whole school – you would grant them Administrator access – and they may be supported by a member of office staff who you could grant Administrator access too. The Headteacher would like to see the reports, but doesn’t need to add and remove members – they could be Reporting Only. Then within your staff you have a Maths department. You could set the Head of Maths up with Reporting access so they could see the members of that department have completed – but no-one else’s. It’s a powerful tool to help you manage training across your whole organisation.

Assign Courses to Colleagues

Our number 1 requested feature! You can now assign courses either to individual members of staff, or to whole teams. You can set a completion date and we’ll automatically remind the member of staff it’s getting close and they haven’t completed it yet.

You can also see who you’ve assigned courses to that are yet to complete them.

For whole staff training it couldn’t be easier – assign a course (like our introduction to safeguarding) to the whole staff group, set a deadline and you’re done!

And Lots of Other Small Improvements…

  • A new overview dashboard so you can see how you’re performing and get suggestions for improvements
  • You can now add courses completed with other providers to your reporting, so you can see a complete picture of exactly who’s completed what.
  • Powerful new search tools that search as you type
  • Easily download certificates for courses your colleagues have completed
  • Export any page to PDF, Excel, CSV or print

We recently ran a live session about this, check out the videos below,

We’d love to know what you think about our new reporting tools, and any ideas you have about how we can develop it further. Give us feedback at [email protected]

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