Don’t waste your energy looking backwards

We are learning all the time and our energies are well spent when we look forwards and considering how we’ll use what we now know now rather than beating ourselves up about our past actions and decisions.

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this is a reminder not to waste energy looking backwards but instead to focus your attention on the now and the future and where you actually can make change happen we can’t change what has happened we can’t undo what we didn’t do or change the way we did things but we can change what happens in future so the reason that i’m talking about this today is i’ve spoken to quite a few people uh in the last week or so who have been kind of harboring a lot of shame or guilt or regret or worry about the way in which they’ve done things in the past and there’s something at the moment about how we’ve had this chance to reflect a lot of people have done a lot of learning in a whole range of different ways and many people are coming to realizations of new ways of doing things differently in the future and wanting to change how they do things and that’s fantastic and brilliant and often to the advantage of the children and young people that you’re working with and caring for and you should do those things where you can where you can make small changes that might have a big impact that’s fantastic but looking back and being regretful and shameful and worried about not having known what you know now and not having done what you’ll do now in the past is just energy wasted um i find this hard to do myself it’s something i have to hold myself to account to regularly it’s something that my good friend joe reminds me about do not waste your energy feeling guilt and shame about past let’s look forwards together so just a reminder from me to you i’m working on it too i also find it hard but new knowledge new skills new understanding you use these for the now you use these for the future in the past you undoubtedly did the very best that you could with the information the skills the knowledge and the circumstances that were available at the time so do not waste your energy there look ahead look forward thank you again as always for everything that each and every one of you is doing you’re doing more than you think i almost guarantee it uh remarkable things i’m hearing every day from people who are doing incredible things often on a very small scale but remember if you change how things feel for a moment for one person you’ve made a difference today okay speak soon