Excellence Mark Joins the Creative Education Family

We’re delighted to formally welcome Excellence Mark into the Creative Education family. The Excellence Mark: Training and Development provides you an opportunity to prove and improve standards of professional development in your school or college.

About the Excellence Mark

To achieve the Training and Development award, an organisation must be able to demonstrate they have a holistic professional development programme which is strategic, planned, reactive, responsive and inclusive.

The award process provides a systematic and robust framework to interrogate the level of understanding, action and implementation in the creation, planning, delivery and review of their training and development policy and practice by evaluating the effectiveness of current practice; considering the implications and impact of strategies on performance; and developing effective plans for the future.

Fundamentally it recognises that professional development is integral to improving achievement, attainment and effective output of any organisation.

The Standard

The Excellence Mark award recognises that at the core of a successful school is an environment where planning, supporting and interrogating strategic professional development is a continuous process. One that actively encourages a partnership in which improving individual and institutional performance is a key driver and that continued professional development drives the improvement performance agenda.

To achieve this standard, a school must demonstrate they have an effective training and development programme which is strategic, planned, reactive, responsive and inclusive.

The framework consists of 48 evidence descriptors, which are grouped into 3 key indicators of LeadershipOrganisation and Governance and evaluated under the four elements of VisionPlanDo and Review.

  • Vision: Foresight, dream, prediction
  • Plan: Develop, arrange, prepare
  • Do: Action, execute, accomplish
  • Review: Evaluate, assess, appraise

Descriptors are used to establish the benchmarks for accreditation and to indicate that a school has achieved the standards required to impact on performance, achievement and inclusion.

To attain the threshold for the award, an institution must achieve a minimum of 43 (90%) of the evidence descriptors.

In assessing the level of competency the assessor will consider the three tier level statements of Emergent, Working Towards and Secure.

The Accreditation Process

To find out more about the accreditation process and costs involved, please get in contact with us at [email protected]