“I behave like this because I trust you”: Responding to Extreme Behaviours in Children

This is a recording of a past session. Since the pandemic, we have seen an increase in the number of children displaying extreme behaviours. These are both highly distressing for the child but also difficult to manage and witness for all. In this webinar, we will work together to better understand how we can see the child as should never be defined by their behaviour. Now more than ever, we must connect with the child and look first to their strengths. We will also consider that for many of these children, school is a safe place to express their true feelings and sometimes these are displayed as extreme behaviours.  In this webinar, we will: 
  • Discuss what extreme behaviours are  
  • Explore why extreme behaviours may be displayed by children 
  • How to identify and minimise the impact of a child’s triggers 
  • Practical strategies to de-escalate challenging situations safely  
  • How to recognise when we need to seek support in challenging situations