STAFF WELLBEING | Happy children, happy staff

A very simple idea that I hope will help you… in short, we’re only ever as happy as the least happy child in our care, so how can we make our children happier…?

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today i’m going to be running a webinar about boosting staff morale during lockdown and while i was preparing for the webinar one of the ideas that i came up with that i’m gonna share i thought was just really worth sharing uh more widely really and that is that i really strongly believe that as a parent a teacher a teaching assistant a head teacher you are only ever as happy as the least happy child in your care and so if we want to boost morale and enable staff to feel that sense of well-being and that things are okay during these really challenging times one of the things that we can do is to look beyond the immediate stuff around their well-being and looking after them and actually think about what’s worrying them in terms of the children in their care so what’s keeping them awake at night and if we begin to explore that what is making the children less happy then actually if we’ll be able to begin to address that then that in turn will boost that morale of your staff of the team of the adults that you’re working with so just remembering that the adults are only ever as happy as the least happy child in their care so beginning to question what is making the children unhappy and what might we be able to do about that so a really simple example um of this was one member of staff said to me that her team were really worried um about children being hungry families being hungry and they were finding it really really difficult to think about anything else because the the kids the families were going hungry and so the head teacher um decided that it was really important that the school got involved and made sure that those families were fed so they looked at their priorities in their school budget and that was something and that they were able to contribute towards um that meant that hopefully the children were happier and and therefore the staff felt uh better happier more fulfilled in their role so happy children make happy adults how can we help the children to be happier