Understand Teenagers Brains

All you did was ask them to take their blazer off and WHAM - 15 continual minutes of aggression - leading to detentions, meetings and paperwork - this course helps you to understand the teenage brain, why they can often respond so *seemingly* negatively, and how we can empower teens to make the most of their education - with the unique developmental stage they are in.  This course (part 1 of 3 in the pathway You Can: understand teenagers, their behaviour and empower them in schoolsgives you an overview of how the teenager brain differs from both the child and adult brain, and how that affects their behaviour. It shares the theory of Dr Dan Siegel and transforms that into practical approaches and solutions to supporting the needs of teens in our schools.   This course has been developed by Adele Bates, a Behaviour and Education specialist and public speaker who helps school leaders, classroom teachers, homeschooling carers, and parents support pupils with behavioural needs and SEMH to thrive with their education. She is the author of "Miss, I Don't Give A Sh*t," Engaging with challenging behaviour in schools, forthcoming from Sage & Corwin and a TEDx Speaker 2020. For her tips and resources check out adelebateseducation.co.uk. 
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  • 12 Modules
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