Step up to HLTA: Develop Your Monitoring & Assessing Skills

The biggest jump from TA to HLTA for most is the introduction of ‘Professional Skills’, that is the expectations around planning, teaching and learning, monitoring and assessment. Whereas TAs are very much directed by teachers, stepping up to working with and contributing to these areas can be daunting. Here we take this section of the professional standards for HLTAs and look at which approaches, theories and structure can help guide you in making the best decisions when monitoring and assessing. This course is therefore aimed at TAs aspiring to become HLTAs, or HLTAs wishing to develop their knowledge in this area.

Your Trainer – Julie Watson

Julie is a passionate teacher and trainer, bringing 20 years of experience from school improvement at local authority and international level, to you in bite-size chunks. She is passionate about the work she leads in schools on this subject, as with research now recognising  the value of training in this field, she hopes to help all support staff become confident and knowledgeable about their role.

What You Can Expect

This course is an on demand video course that you can watch at a pace to suit you. The content is delivered in bite sized videos that will take less than an hour to watch in total. Implementing the ideas will take longer of course!

Whilst the videos are designed to be watched as a series, you might choose to come back and dip in and out of particular modules to refresh your knowledge.

At the end of the course there is a short activity to help you reflect on what you’ve learned and consider how to take it forwards. It’s absolutely up to you whether you decide to do this, but many people who do tell us that it helps them to apply what they’ve learned to their current context and think clearly about what practical next steps they can take to have a positive impact with their new knowledge, understanding and skills.

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Course Includes

  • 10 Modules
  • Course Certificate