Teach For Long Term Learning by Retrieving from Students’ Long Term Memory

In this course, Matt Bromley explores the third of his three steps of teaching for long-term learning: planning opportunities for pupils to engage in deliberate practice in order to retrieve prior knowledge from long-term memory.    In order to achieve long-term learning, students must not only encode information into long-term memory but must also be able to retrieve that information at a later time and in a number of contexts.  To aid the retrieval process, teachers need to plan opportunities for pupils to engage in deliberate practice, including spaced and interleaved practice, and should encourage pupils to apply their knowledge and skills in multiple contexts, thus improving transferability and creating new memories to bolster storage strength.  Teachers then need to help their pupils to become increasingly independent as learners by teaching study skills such as self-quizzing and revision.      As well as being useful for individual CPD for teachers, this course could form the basis of whole-school INSET.   
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  • 8 Modules
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