Teach for Long Term Learning by Stimulating Students’ Sensory Memory

In this course, the second of four courses on the subject of How Students LearnMatt Bromley explores the first of his three steps of teaching for long-term learning: stimulating students’ senses to gain the active attention of working memory.     In order to learn, students must accept the challenge of hard work and this requires a learning environment in which students feel comfortable with discomfort.  Then, students need to be clear about what they are expected to learn and why that is important.  One way to do this is to articulate clear learning outcomes and success criteria. Matt also shares his advice on how to use feedback to direct learning and inform planning.  He offers some practical tips on how to stimulate students’ senses in order to gain the active attention of their working memories, and how to ensure those working memories are not overloaded by making use of dual coding.  Finally, he shares some tips for helping students to develop transferability so that they can apply what they learn in one context to multiple other contexts, thus ensuring learning is not only long-term but also meaningful.   As well as being useful for individual CPD for teachers, this course could form the basis of whole-school INSET.   
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