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Put some fizz into your maths and English teaching

11th Nov 2019

If you’ve got a staff learning day coming up, why not get some expert input on maths and English from the Education and Training Foundation. We can deliver a short session, a full day, a twilight webinar – whatever suits you best. Even better is that each course is heavily subsidised by the Education and Training Foundation and training sessions start from as little as £220 for 16 people.

ETF Shaping Success: Providing solutions to concerns around progress in post-16 maths and English

29th Oct 2019

Improving outcomes in maths and English is central to success in work and life. Practitioners and providers are expected to ensure maths and English are at the heart of their teaching approach and employers require a workforce who are competently numerate and literate.
Our maths and English CPD programmes, delivered on behalf of the ETF, offer specific, targeted support to enhance personal skills and teaching approaches.

Get unlimited access to our comprehensive library of expert-led new post-16 maths and English courses with Webinar Pass!

7th Oct 2019

Webinar Pass is an exciting new offer from the Education and Training Foundation – for a small fee of just £250 all your staff can have full access to our entire suite of post-16 maths and English development webinars until the 31st March 2020.

Teach the new Functional Skills qualifications with confidence with high quality, bespoke training subsidised by the Education and Training Foundation

6th Sep 2019

September 2019 sees the introduction of the new Functional Skills specifications. Whilst much will still be recognisable, the new specs do throw up some challenging questions. Tackle these head on with our wide range of Functional Skills for maths and English courses from the Education and Training Foundation.

Inspirational, expert-led Creative Education public courses are running in Plymouth this autumn!

22nd Jul 2019

Creative Education will be running some of their most popular public courses in Plymouth this autumn term. With an expert-led trainer, a comfortable central location and a proper sit down restaurant lunch; you’ll come away from the day fully inspired and energised!

Engaging and exciting training in Cardiff this autumn

15th Jul 2019

Are you based in the Cardiff area? If so, take a look at the brilliant range of Creative Education public courses running over the autumn term and next academic year. Training that will energise and inspire!

Inspiring and energising public courses now available in Exeter!

12th Jul 2019

See our fantastic range of popular open courses being held in Exeter over the autumn term and next year.

Autumn term public courses running in Newcastle

24th Jun 2019

We’re excited to announce that we will be running a fantastic range of our most popular open courses in Newcastle over the autumn term and next year!

Multiplication: How to help children remember

10th Jan 2019

Progress in maths relies on fluent recall of the times tables. Not having to work out sums frees time for students to work through more complex mathematical processes.

What are ACES?

17th Dec 2018

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) relate to a range of traumatic experiences in childhood that have demonstrable impact on future health, mental wellbeing and life chances.

5 steps to create a school culture supportive of good mental health

11th Dec 2018

Schools cannot eradicate mental health problems in children entirely. What they can do is create an environment that fosters and protects mental wellbeing and encourages resilience in children.

8 Ways to reduce stress

15th Feb 2019

Teaching can be challenging, with difficult behaviour and heavy workloads potential contributors to stress. These 8 tips can help you to cope.

Methods to reduce planning time

11th Feb 2019

Lesson planning takes a considerable amount of teachers’ time. While planning is clearly important it mustn’t become disproportionately time-consuming, which is counter-productive.

Outstanding Lesson Plans and How to Create Your Own

19th Nov 2018

A series of questions to help you analyse and improve upon your lesson plans

Five Practical Ideas for Lesson Starters

5th Nov 2018

Use these starters to get your students engaged, excited & motivated for learning.

Clair Bush

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