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Supporting Literacy Skills: a Course for Teaching Assistants

Develop the understanding and practical strategies to accelerate literacy skills in your students

Inhouse Training Course In-house

This course is only available to be delivered in your school. To find out how we can tailor this course to fit your needs, call our in-house team on 020 8253 8241 to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

If you are looking to attend a course externally, you may be interested in Classroom Management for TAs and Cover Supervisors.

Suitable for: Teaching Assistants in secondary schools and contexts

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 7014WW

The role of the teaching assistant is crucial to the development of students’ literacy skills in any school. This course will enhance your understanding of reading, writing, spelling and speaking and listening and provide you with practical strategies to support students towards independence in literacy.

  • Understand how reading, writing, speaking and spelling work
  • Identify some of the key difficulties faced by students
  • Provide effective support in whole class, one to one and small group settings
  • Help your students to become independent learners


Working with speaking and listening
  • Understanding the demands of speaking and listening
  • Supporting listening and recall skills
  • Supporting individual and group talk
Working with reading
  • Understanding the reading process
  • Identifying reading difficulties
  • Strategies to support the development of reading skills
Working with writing
  • Understanding the writing process
  • Understanding the different challenges faced by learners
  • Strategies to support the development of writing skills
Working with spelling
  • How children learn to spell
  • Identifying spelling difficulties
  • Strategies to support development in spelling
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