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New Roles and Responsibilities for Year Leaders

Develop knowledge, understanding and skills to ensure you and your team make the maximum positive impact

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Suitable for: Experienced, new and aspiring teaching and non-teaching Year Leaders in schools, colleges and academies who want to reflect on the impact their role has in supporting learner welfare and behaviour, improving attendance and punctuality; and developing the quality of learning and progress in their schools.

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary

Course Reference: 7319WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
Timings: 10am - 4pm Book Now

Year leaders are central in the drive towards outstanding teaching, learning and progress in schools. This course will focus on what it means to be an effective Year Leader. Exploring ideas and issues around understanding the role in changing school contexts, effective leadership styles, building effective year teams, engaging with data to support outstanding learning and progress, key strategies to support emotional and behaviour needs; and the role of the Year Leader as a key middle leader in any school.

  • Identify the key elements of the year leader’s role
  • Explore highly effective leadership strategies to place the role at the heart of outstanding learning and progress
  • Understand how to build an effective staff team
  • Engage with data to support the needs of learners for whom you are responsible
  • Develop your skills in supporting the emotional and behavioural needs of your learners
  • Discover the central role you play in the middle leadership of your school


Understanding the Year Leader’s role
  • The role of the year leader in a school’s middle leadership team
  • Identifying your learning and progress priorities
  • Highly effective strategies to work with colleagues and build an effective team
Supporting learning and progress
  • Isn’t that the class teacher’s job? — The role of the Year Leader in supporting learning and progress
  • Engaging with data to identify underachievement and support learners’ progress
  • 10 highly effective strategies to create an ethos of good attendance and punctuality
Developing a positive ethos for emotional wellbeing and behaviour
  • The role of the year leader in identifying emotional or behaviour barriers to learning
  • 20 effective tools to support the emotional and behaviour needs of learners
  • Engaging with outside agencies to support the emotional, mental and behavioural health of learners
Understanding impact and accountability
  • What do outside accountability agencies — Ofsted, ISI expect of Year Leaders?
  • Using improvement planning cycles to ensure you continue to make a positive difference
  • 8 Highly effective strategies to ensure you can evidence the positive impact of your team's intervention

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