Effective Differentiation – Pathway

This pathway has three key sections:

  1. Teach to the top: Matt explores some possible dangers of traditional approaches to differentiation and advocates ‘teaching to the top’ for all pupils.  He explains what this might look like in practice, including through the adoption of a mastery learning model.
  2. Support Pupils to Accept the Challenge of Hard Work: explores the importance of lowering the threat level in our classrooms so that all pupils can accept the challenge of hard work and achieve.  He shares five strategies for engendering the growth mindset in our classrooms and explains the importance of high expectations.  He shares two practical strategies for identifying pupils’ ‘struggle zones’ so that work is pitched appropriately, and he analyses some of the most common methods of in-class differentiation. 
  3. Use Three Waves of Support to Differentiate Effectively: Matt explores three waves of differentiation and support: quality first teaching; in-class differentiation; and additional interventions.  He also examines the role of the teaching assistant in providing differentiated support to lower-performing pupils and those with SEND.   

As well as being useful for individual CPD for teachers, this course could form the basis of in-school departmental training.   


This training has been developed by Matt Bromley

Matt Bromley has over twenty years’ experience in teaching and leadership including as headteacher, principal and MAT director of education.  He is an experienced teacher of English and successful former head of department.  He is now a school improvement advisor, teacher-trainer and public speaker.  He regularly speaks at national and international conferences, and he is a regular contributor to a number of education magazines including TES and SecEd.  He is the author of a number of books on education including How to Learnand School & College Curriculum Design.  

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Course Includes

  • 15 Modules
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