Therapeutic Skills and Qualifications: What you Need to Know

This session will take place on Monday 6th of June at 4 pm UK time.

At Headsight, we recognise that schools often have to ask those staff with the least training and skills to work intensively with our most vulnerable children.  We also know that those who spend the greatest amount of time with children have the opportunity to support the greatest amount of change.  It often feels like the only professional development pathways available are to either, train as a counsellor (which is not helpful in the role) or, attend a range of topic-based training i.e. managing behaviour, working with ADHD, understanding autism etc. and try to make sense of how we use them all together.

To try and address this we have created a suite of professional qualifications in therapeutic skills and practice specifically designed to meet the needs of those working in pastoral and support roles in schools.  They are Ofqual registered and range from Level 2 to Level 5 and are delivered by ourselves as mental health professionals.

This webinar will offer insight into the topics and approaches used and will explore the idea of developing the nature of classroom support into therapeutic learning partnerships.

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