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Cookie Policy

Cookies are harmless text files that allow a website server to recognise you when you revisit the website. There are two main types of cookies:

Transient (or session) cookies.

These are set and exist for the duration of your visit to a specific website and are removed when you finish. They recognise you as you move, and navigate between, the different website pages so that you do not need to re-enter who you are and often can help to maintain your security.

Persistent (or permanent) cookies.

These remain on your computer until they expire or are deleted.

Many persistent cookies have automatic deletion dates to help ensure your computer doesn’t get overloaded with cookies. Persistent cookies will often retain previously entered information to ease and simplify subsequent data input. For example: your login user ID or email address.

Creative Education and many other websites use both types of cookies to make the process of visiting our website easier and more useful. We use both our own (first-party) and partner companies' (third-party) cookies to facilitate and support a simpler and more secure website experience for our users.

What we use cookies for

We use cookies to:

  • Gather information on a user’s journey across our sites
  • Ensure your privacy is protected in our secure sites
  • Store your login details for our secure sites
  • Evaluate our sites' advertising and promotional effectiveness (we own the anonymous data collected and don't share it with anyone)

We don't and will never

  • Use cookies to track your Internet usage after leaving one of our sites
  • Store personal information in them that others could read and understand
  • Sell or distribute cookie information without your prior consent.

Cookies we use on our sites

The following two tables provide a list of all cookies used on our sites with a brief information of their purpose and their key attributes.

Table of 1st (first) party cookies






Cookie written when a user is authenticated on the website. As this cookie is defined as intrusive, the unique values in the cookie are encrypted.

30 days


Table of 3rd (third) party cookies

3rd Party





Google Analytics


These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our site.
We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site.
The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.
Visit for an overview of privacy at Google.

2 years


20 minutes


Session cookie


6 months

Changing your cookie settings

To enable or disable cookies, follow the instructions provided by your browser (usually located within the 'Help', 'Tools' or 'Edit' facility). Alternatively, an external resource is available at who provide specific information about cookies and how to manage them 

Please note that if you set your browser to disable cookies, you may not be able to access secure areas of this website, such as any online services that require registration.

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