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Behaviour Management for Primary NQTs

Tackle poor behaviour in your classroom with effective and practical strategies

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Suitable for: This course is specifically designed for Primary trained NQTs and recently qualified Primary practitioners in KS1 and KS2 although it would also benefit more experienced teachers looking to refresh their practise.

Phases suitable for:

  • EYFS
  • Primary

Course Reference: 1064WW
Price: £269.00 + VAT or hold in-house
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The difficult issue of behaviour management is one of the main reasons NQTs and RQTs leave the profession. This course will equip teachers with a toolkit of information and strategies specifically designed to improve and maintain outstanding pupil conduct and enhance positive behaviour for learning.

  • Classify behaviour into four main categories
  • Define expectations and implement simple rules and rewards to promote positive behaviour and eliminate low level disruption
  • Teach pupils effective routines for self-management both in and outside the classroom during the school day
  • Understand what Ofsted look for when judging Behaviour and Safety
  • Develop a range of strategies for sustaining ‘on task’ learning
  • Teach pupils, including those with challenging behaviours, how to manage their own behaviour using the Solution Focused Approach to behaviour management


Recognising different types of behaviour
  • Learn how to recognise four main types of behaviour
  • Identify the characteristics of each behaviour type
  • Respond to inappropriate behaviour in the Primary classroom
Creating a positive classroom climate
  • Set expectations and create a positive and engaging classroom climate
  • Identify clear rules and how to stick to them
  • Build positive relationships by using a range of effective strategies
Behaviour for Learning
  • Plan lessons which use strategies that enable pupils to behave and learn well
  • Use assessment for learning effectively
  • Recognise the link between good lesson planning and good behaviour
Managing and improving challenging behaviour
  • Manage and maximise improvements in challenging behaviour
  • Use a ‘structured conversation’ which encourages pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour
  • Model and apply the ‘structured conversation’ to your school context

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