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Frontline Staff that Make a Difference

Skills and ideas for support and office staff

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Suitable for: Staff in support teaching roles, front and back office staff, administrators, IT support technicians, librarians and cover supervisors.

Phases suitable for:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Further Education
  • Special

Course Reference: 4771WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
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With the right skills, knowledge and understanding, frontline and support staff are in an ideal position to have a significant impact on the day to day operations of schools and colleges. This course looks at the changing role of frontline and support staff and will enable colleagues to develop a range of skills and strategies to maximise their performance in both the traditional elements of their role and the newer more demanding expectations placed on office staff.

  • Creating a warm and welcoming environment in person and on the phone
  • Communicating effectively and efficiently
  • Diffusing anger and managing difficult conversations
  • Spotting the early signs that a child needs support and what to do next
  • Impacting on attendance, punctuality and school-based anxiety in pupils and families
  • Responding to common issues and challenges faced by frontline staff


Creating a warm and welcoming environment in person and on the phone
  • Setting high expectations linked to the mission and values of the school
  • Understanding the importance of role modelling in operational duties
  • Creating positivity in all aspects of communication
Diffusing anger and managing difficult conversations
  • Knowing the tell-tale signs of anger and how to respond to these
  • Knowing own tensions and triggers
  • Holding and succeeding in managing a difficult conversation with a positive resolution
Spotting the early signs that a child needs support and what to do next
  • Understanding the mental health agenda and your role in the organisation
  • Understanding how mental health affects the ways in which staff and pupils behave
  • Holding conversations with staff and pupils to support their mental health needs
Responding to common issues affecting frontline staff
  • Understanding the issues that impact on attendance and punctuality
  • Upholding the safeguarding role staff and pupils
  • Understanding the welfare needs of staff and pupils in keeping them safe and secure

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