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Coaching and Mentoring Skills for School Team Leaders

How coaching and mentoring can revolutionise performance

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Suitable for: Middle and senior leaders from any phase or setting, who want to maximise their team’s potential using one-to-one or team coaching and mentoring

Phases suitable for:

  • EYFS
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Further Education
  • Special

Course Reference: 8063WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
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Develop the skills to help your team thrive and enable each individual to fulfil their potential. Explore ideas for designing and implementing either a formal or informal programme of coaching to suit your setting and learn how to embed mentoring techniques into your daily interactions with staff to promote motivation and commitment, creating positive effects on student learning and outcomes.

  • Explore the principles of coaching and mentoring and the differences between the two
  • Consider your role as team leader in effective coaching and mentoring
  • Develop your skills: goal-setting to drive improvement; the importance of listening actively and communicating positively
  • Improve your questioning techniques - key questions to assess your staff's skills and abilities
  • Use techniques to deliver difficult feedback and motivate staff for change
  • Consider formal and informal models of coaching and mentoring teams or individuals

Fri 11th Dec 2020

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Mon 22nd Mar 2021

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Fri 9th Jul 2021

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Fri 8th Jan 2021

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Thu 22nd Apr 2021

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Thu 3rd Dec 2020

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Mon 8th Mar 2021

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Wed 14th Jul 2021

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Mon 15th Mar 2021

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Tue 22nd Jun 2021

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Fri 5th Feb 2021

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Tue 29th Jun 2021

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Thu 19th Nov 2020

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Fri 5th Mar 2021

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Fri 21st May 2021

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