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Here are a few of my favourite books related to the topics covered in these videos:

The Power of Showing Up

Written for parents and carers but suitable for all, I love this gentle book which teaches us how and why we can build brilliant bonds with babies and children.

The Science of Parenting & What Every Parent Needs to Know

These two books by the wonderful Margot Sunderland simplify the neuroscience underpinning bonding and explains the practical steps that we can take as parents, carers and professionals to help babies and infants develop healthily.

Steve Biddulph’s Books

I’ve read and loved everything Steve Biddulph has ever written. These two books are neat summaries of lots of his wider work.

The Parenting Patchwork Treasure Deck

100 colourful and versatile cards to improve relationships, assessments and interventions when working with parents, carers and children. Again, I’m a big fan of all of Karen Treisman’s books and resources, they are simply fab and very easy to use.

Attaching Through Love, Hugs and Play

Simple practical advice for building bonds from an attachment therapist.

Promoting Attachment With a Wiggle, Giggle, Hug and Tickle

 Suitable for individual or group work and featuring structured, rewarding and fun exercises.

Parenting with Theraplay

Theraplay® is an attachment-focused model that allows parents to build confidence in their abilities and strengthen their relationship with their child. This book provides an overview of Theraplay based ideas that can be used directly by parents. Illustrative case examples detail these ideas in action.