When working in early years settings, there will often be a child in our presence with trauma. We do not need to know a child’s story to accommodate their needs.  We can work in a way that anyone in the room, with a degree of trauma, will be able to feel safer, co-regulate and will know they are ‘held’.  During this session, you’ll learn the basics of taking a trauma-inclusive approach; ways to prevent occurrences which may activate a child’s fight/flight/freeze/flop response; adapting both our personal approach and making small, but impactful adaptions to the environment to become more trauma-inclusive; encouraging relationships to help children emotionally regulate. 

Session Takeaways:

  1. Ways to tweak practice to better support children who may have trauma  
  2. Consider what a trauma inclusive environment looks like in EYFS 
  3. Ways to enhance relationships which help children to regulate emotionally 

This is a recording of a past webinar

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