Adult Mentoring: Frameworks & Scaffolds

Mentoring can be an incredibly powerful process for enabling people to make good progress and reach their potential.  Mentoring can be used effectively with people of all stages and ages, and you can adapt the ideas in this course to enable you to mentor either children or adult with a range of aims and objectives.  The course is broken down into four parts:

  • Part 1 – A mentoring framework
  • Part 2 – A deep dive into mentoring
  • Part 3 – The skills of a mentor
  • Part 4 – The broader picture

In part 1 of the course we consider first what mentoring is and why it is such a powerful vehicle for motivating and enabling pupils to change what they think, feel and do.  We go on to build our understanding and skills in developing a simple cycle of predicting, listening, reflecting and acting.  Throughout the sessions you’re supported to develop your own approach, tailoring tried and tested questions, statements and activities to best meet the needs of your mentee.

This course has been developed by Kevin Piper, school leader, school improvement officer and experienced trainer. He has mentored people of all ages both nationally and internationally leading an EU team training and mentoring staff and students across Europe.


This is part of our Become an Outstanding Mentor Pathway

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Course Includes

  • 6 Modules
  • Course Certificate