An Introduction to PDA or Demand Avoidance. A Parent and Carers’ Guide

In this course you will learn about the characteristics of PDA, a profile of the autism spectrum. x Children who present as demand avoidant will also have high levels of anxiety, making everyday tasks seem overwhelming to them and result in refusing, withdrawing or shutting down to avoid doing things. This can be very challenging as a parent and is often be overlooked or misinterpreted. We will look at all the ways that a child may present with PDA and how to spot the triggers alongside strategies to help support these children. While autism approaches may be helpful for addressing sensory issues we will also look at the flexible and collaborative approaches that are needed for the child who is demand avoidant. This course will help you to learn new creative strategies and knowledge to support the child at home and how to understand our children and support them in a way that works for them.
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Course Includes

  • 8 Modules
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