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OCD around germs and cleanliness

We expect to see a big rise in healthy and hygiene related obsessive compulsive disorder cases and for many of those who’ve previously lived with the condition to relapse.  Messages about health and cleanliness and the need to keep hands and things we touch clean to keep germs at bay has been a key focus of public health messaging during the pandemic.  For many people this has resulted in a desired increase in vigilance and handwashing which has helped to curb the spread of the virus, but for some this gets out of control and resulting obsessive compulsive behaviours become more harm than help.   

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Further Resources

OCD UK is a charity run by and for people with OCD offering helpful advice and ideas: www.

The young people’s workbook and the guide written for therapists by the team at the Institute of Psychiatry – OCD: Tools to help young people fight back! (JKP, 2019) – is excellent: a workbook & manual are available.