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Creative Education In-House Training Case Study: Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust

26th Nov 2019

Creative Education recently had the pleasure of working with the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust to deliver two in-house training events to get staff prepared for the new 2019 Ofsted Framework. Judith Barrett, Interim Director of Learning and Achievement at the Multi Academy Trust gives us her thoughts on how the training went.

5 steps to create a school culture supportive of good mental health

11th Dec 2018

Schools cannot eradicate mental health problems in children entirely. What they can do is create an environment that fosters and protects mental wellbeing and encourages resilience in children.

Overcoming 10 common barriers to parental engagement

8th Oct 2018

Parents can become disengaged with school – this post looks at overcoming common barriers so parents can have maximum impact on their child’s education.

How to support a student who is having a panic attack

9th Sep 2018

Witnessing a student having a panic attack can be distressing, and many staff find themselves wondering how best to support students. There are a few simple steps you can follow and these are worth all staff knowing. If you have students who regularly have panic attacks, it’s worth discussing these suggestions with them and asking […]

Do you have a student with anorexia in your class?

18th Jun 2018

How do you spot a child in your class or school with the signs of anorexia? Teachers and teaching assistants will find this list helpful to identify the signs.

Delegation: 7 ways outstanding school leaders get it right

11th May 2015

Delegation sounds like a simple thing… Ask other people to do things. But it’s clearly not as simple as it sounds or we’d all be a lot better at it wouldn’t we? When talking to middle and senior leaders in schools and colleges, they often give similar reasons why they fail to delegate: It feels […]

How to Establish Yourself as an Effective Leader in School

8th Sep 2014

Twitter and Facebook feeds are awash with adorable pictures of kids starting school this week, but they’re not the only ones facing the new term with excitement mixed with a little bit of uncertainty and trepidation – plenty of school staff are too. This is especially true for colleagues entering into their first leadership role. […]

Window Opens for Schools To Opt into Progress 8 Measures

25th Jun 2014

The window for schools to opt into the new performance measures a year early in 2015, has now opened and will remain open until the end of June 2015. Secondary mainstream maintained schools, academies and free schools can all opt in. Headteachers and principals were sent the procedure and details for opting in on 20 […]

The Hallmarks of a Fabulous Form Tutor

13th May 2014

The role of form tutor can be very rewarding, it’s a great opportunity to have a real impact on the well-being and achievement of a specific set of students, and a great chance to really get to know and understand them too. In this post we’ve summarised some of the things that we think make the best […]

7 Key Steps to Stop You Wasting Hours in Meetings At School

6th Mar 2012

Honestly, how many hours have you wasted in this week, this month? How many meetings you’ve attended have been clear, focussed and prompt? How many have just descended into random discussion?

Follow the steps below and I think you can cut the time you spend in meetings by half. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time in your day!

The 6 Fatal Mistakes Any School Leader Can Make – And How to Address Them

3rd Feb 2012

How can I be a good leader? Teachers, academics and politicians have been trying to answer that question for as long as there’s been education of any sort. When it’s one of our leaders we’re critiquing, you often have 20:20 vision about their strengths and weaknesses. But when it’s ourself we’re looking at, that picture […]

So I’m a New Governor – What Now?

22nd Dec 2011

If you’re a new governor, particularly if you have had experience of working in schools before those first few meetings can be particularly daunting. Education can be like its own language sometimes that seems to take delight in describing the very simple through the most complicated collection of terms and acronyms possible. With that in […]

How to Deliver the Perfect Assembly

5th Dec 2011

Presenting an assembly for any teacher can be an extremely daunting task. Many pastoral leaders who spend a great deal of their time successfully dealing with managing behaviour in group or one to one sessions have many a sleepless night before “performing” in front of a whole year group. In some schools, the trend has […]

10 Questions You Can Ask to Support and Challenge Your Head

28th Nov 2011

When it comes to being a governor we all know that it’s easier to ‘support’ rather than to ‘challenge’, especially as the headteacher and their senior leadership team hold all the cards: they have all the information about how the school is doing, they know their way around the key educational issues.

How to Know What People Are Saying About Your School

4th Jan 2011

It’s the nightmare scenario. You pass by the newsagent, just to see the local rag’s billboard outside: “Your school in shock incident.” So when people write bad things about your school, how do you make sure you know about it first? Fortunately there’s an easy tool out there, that’s really simple to set up and […]

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