Using Prezi in the Classroom

Everyone’s talking about Prezi – the new online presentation tool that’s set to rival Powerpoint.

Perhaps few would mourn Powerpoint’s demise, but is Prezi really all that different, and what are the benefits of using it in the classroom?

The first is that it’s really pretty. Prezi calls itself the ‘zooming presentation editor’ and when you see one in action you’ll see it’s a very slick process zooming into and out of different text and embedded media. This may sound like a small point, but then this is a presentation – and looks are important to maintain engagement.

The zooming is also useful from a teaching perspective as well. You can have tiny explanations for example associated with key words in a passage, which a student can zoom into if they need further assistance.

Secondly is its structure. It’s akin to a mind map in the way you lay your presentations out. You can still set an order and progress through the points one by one, but you do also have the flexibility to be a bit freer, to navigate the Prezi in a manner which you choose. Ultimately thought is not always linear, and its great to have a presentation tool that reflects this.

Thirdly, it’s very whiteboard friendly. Because it was designed with the ipad in mind, touch navigation is very easy with a Prezi so it allows you to create exciting and interactive presentations that the students can really get involved in.

But why am I wittering on? Why don’t you see it in action for yourself, with an excellent Prezi on the use of Prezi as a teaching tool in the classroom.

Want to get started? Here’s a short video showing you how to create your own Prezi.


Looking for inspiration? Here are some different classroom Prezis to get you thinking.

MFL – Household Tasks

A simple vocab learning exercise made more engaging with the use of imagery and a bit of zoom!

The Poetry of Wilfred Owen

Interesting because the author of this Prezi has imbedded videos of himself discussing the poetry and providing information to the students.

Special Journeys

A really nice example that’s an RE lesson activity on pilgrimmage. This shows how you can include lesson objectives and assessment levels into your Prezi as well.


I’d love to see examples of great Prezis you’ve made for teaching in class. If you have any do comment below or tweet me a url.



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